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Hot Feet Youth Programs are designed to provide ready, in hand practice content for volunteer youth coaches. These materials are developed by experts in training and youth coaching to help coaches that don’t have a lot of time to prepare for practice or a lot of background expertise in the sport they are volunteering to help out with.

Program Goals
" "Allow the coach to have a ready quick reference that can be
 used at practice time.
" "Provide fun and engaging drills that help teach kids
 fundamentals while having fun.
" "Help the coach feel confident in their ability to successfully
 lead the team.
" "Make it easier for the league to gain coaches by showing
 volunteers that they are not just thrown into the fire with no

Package Contents
" "Hot Feet Youth Programs Coaches Guide 2010 PDF
" "Access to the Hot Feet Sports community for all league
" "Access to Hot Feet Sports webinar programs
" "Coaches portal access with league affiliation

Major Benefits to the League
" "Improve the leagues ability to attract and retain volunteer
 coaches from season to season
" "Increase the level of knowledge that volunteer coaches have
" "Decrease the loss of participants due to poor coaching
" "Reproduction of the Coaches Guide for each coach in the
 league for a single season

The league package is designed to provide a great deal of content and interaction at an affordable price.

 The package is $120.00 per season for the entire league.

For more information about Hot Feet Youth Sports Programs, please visit our website: www.hotfeetsports.com

Hot Feet Youth Programs Are
Available For:

Youth basketball player

Youth baseball player

Flag Football
Youth flag football player

Tackle Football
Youth tackle football player

Youth soccer player

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